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I wanted to provide a list of our Goals that we need to accomplish for the remaining balance of 2017.  We have A LOT to accomplish and we feel we can, with great teamwork and effort. Please come back and visit this page for updates. We will cross off items as we can. We will be using the knowledge of Skyline Baseball Little League’s Executive Board to help with some of these items (thank you!)  So….here we go!

Short Term Goals for 2017

  1. Get a clean business structure
    • Business Documents
    • EIN
    • Tax Records (GSLL doesn’t have any tax records to provide as they filed it under their own EIN, so we get to start clean!)
    • Financial Records (GSLL doesn’t have any, so we get to start clean!)
    • IRS Form 1023 (to apply for tax exempt status)
    • IRS Determination Letter (to prove we are tax exempt)
      • We should be able to use the group exemption that Little League International has formed (10/5)
    • Any others that may come up
  2. Open Bank Account
    • dependent on Number 1
  3. Get a P.O. Box
    • dependent on Number 1
    • Will continue in 2018
  4. Fill the remainder of the Executive Board Positions.
    1. This will continue in 20018
  5. Recoup any money from Gilbert Softball Little League
    • The District Administrator is in progress of figuring this process out
    • GSLL is now in the process of determining the amount (as of 10/24).
      • Their treasurer resigned
    • dependent on Number 1 and Number 2
    • We both worked together and we will be receiving equipment from GSLL. Out of respect for their league I will not provide all the details on this page.
  6. Raise Money for the Initial Costs to run the league (initial estimate is $3,000)
    • Charter Fee & Insurance Fees (approximately $1,500) 
    • Fields
    • Lights
    • Equipment
    • Uniforms
    • Etc…
  7. Provide Clinics in the Fall of 2017
    • We will be providing more information on the site as we organize this
    • We will be using the money from these to help with the initial cost
  8. List out equipment needs
    • We will have a better idea of how much we need once we have an idea of the volume of players
    • Once we have our list, we will make it public so if people can donate money or donate equipment we can start crossing items off of our list
    • We will be posting a page on our site, now that we are getting setup.
  9. Form a budget for 2017
    • We will form this as much as possible, but given the fast pace we will be moving we will be more focused on obtaining what we need to.
  10. Form a budget for 2018
    • This budget will include what is needed for the league as a whole, including operation costs (i.e., lights, concessions)
    • This will be in progress
  11. Technology
    • Website up and running
    • Move site to Blue Sombrero
    • Purchase domain names. We currently have
      2. (just in case)
      3. (just in case)
    • Setup G-Suite for Non-Profits so we can have proper email addresses (i.e., [email protected])

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