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Feb, 2020

President Guy (2/21)


Hey Community,

As we embark on the start of our 3rd year and 5th season (which is crazy), I wanted to share some important information with the community. 

Jamie (my wife) and I started this back in the fall of 2017 and scrambled through new paperwork, learning what Little League is and the logistics to run a Little League and we were able to offer a Spring season to our community in 2018! We took this task on because we truly believe every community should offer the opportunity to play the sport of Softball. Yes, we know there is club softball, but club softball is not for everyone. It is usually a big commitment for your kiddo and family. In addition, the cost is much more, as you pay monthly dues...not a season fee. 

Before we decided to start this Little League Charter up again, the girls in this community were playing in other Little Leagues. This may have been Gilbert, Queen Creek or Red Mountain.  We figured we might as well try to bring the community together, have the girls in our boundaries play with each other, form relationships, try the sport, continue the sport, and hopefully love the sport. 

Over the few years, we went from having $0 in the League’s checking account to $16,594.23 (as of the night of 2/10). This is about $2K lower than usual for this time of year (we already paid the charter/insurance fee which was about $1800), but this is enough to cover the cost of operations for the upcoming season and most likely leave us anywhere from $5K-$7K after the season closes. Which is where we want to be. We found having at least $5K in the account can always help start up another year of expenses and cover a few unknown expenses.

We also introduced the Mega Bowl! This was our take of a season ending tournament. Our first one was probably the best one. Well maybe the 2nd one too ha ha!. We would announce, have raffles, have kids toss goodie bags into the crowd and who knows what else. We just wanted to make sure the kiddos had a good experience...we don’t care too much about the parents LOL ;)  We have always strived to make sure your kiddo is in a good environment while playing a sport. We believe too many youths quit sports because of their parents, especially girls. So we do our best to counteract that.

Little League offered ZERO logistics on how to do this. To be honest we don’t really care too much about Little League International at all. That entire system caused their own problems. Softball usually takes a backseat to baseball. There is a reason I do not attend the Presidents meetings anymore. It's a big waste of my time, the League's time and Districts time. However, it’s an easy way to be tax exempt from a business standpoint and people are familiar with “Little League” so we just piggy backed off of it to speed up this process.  That alone is a big benefit. I think the funniest thing that happened to prove softball takes a backseat with Little League, is we were given a banner by a sponsor who wanted to support our District and we just had to take a picture with one of the teams and the banner, and we would get something like $500. Too bad the banner said Little League Baseball! Jamie and I couldn’t stop laughing, so that banner is now in the garbage. Oh and patches for jerseys. That’s the biggest joke of all. Each league has to buy a patch per player LOL! Hence why we don’t buy patches. They are like $2-$3 per patch. That's about 1 weeks worth of field costs. So we would rather pay for that.

The biggest issue we fight is Fields. Little League International doesn’t work with the city’s to have dedicated Softball fields. And if they do exist, we do not know about them in Mesa for our District.  We have to constantly go up against club softball teams, other little leagues and other leagues in general just to make sure we have nights and Saturday’s to play.

So, before I go off on a 10 page tangent about Little League International and all their wrong, I wrote all of the above for a reason. Jamie and I have reached the point where our time is extremely limited. So we have a couple of options as a Community to keep this going

  1. More people within the community step up and volunteer their time for the kids to help with more of the operations of the league. This could be the following (but not limited too):

    1. Organize and run fundraisers

    2. Organize and run some sort of concession stand 

    3. Help find Sponsors (at the end of the day, this is what helps the most for the league)

    4. Organize and run equipment management

    5. Organize and run keeping field chalk stalked

    6. Organize and keep coaches on track, in-line and informed

    7. Organize and handle any and all registration questions

    8. Organize Porta Potty’s

    9. Organize Game Schedules and Umpires

    10. Organize Uniforms and Purchases

    11. Respond to any and all questions from members of the league

    12. Manage Social Media

    13. Manage manual registrations

    14. Be a point of contact for rules and by-laws

    15. Organize and run background checks

    16. Organize Mega Bowl (season ending tournament)

    17. Marketing

There are more I’m forgetting, but hopefully this helps. 

  1. Donate the money left over in the little league checking to Franklin/Brimhall Softball Team too allow for any and all equipment needs they may have which will be discussed with their Athletic Director. Little League International can figure out what to do with the Charter.

Some of you may be asking the following question. Why don’t you guys separate from Little League and run your own league. This is an easy answer. We have 4 kids of our own. 1 plays club softball, 1 plays any and all sports, the other is currently in hip hop dancing, and the other (who is 3) gets to be dragged along wherever we need to be LOL! We also both work to support our family.

There are positives to Little League. It’s sort of a past time. It helps with people looking for the sport and those two business items I mentioned above are a big one.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it's enough. So, I don’t completely dislike Little League, they just need to change some things up.

I do want to end this with the following. For all of the coaches that volunteer thank you so very much! These teams do not operate without you and your dedication to providing the girls to play on a team! 

To those few that have helped with some operations, thank you so much! It has helped our family tremendously and we thank you for doing what you were able to do. this date, I haven’t had to kick any parent or kid out of the league. So let's keep that track record going!! 

If you are interested in helping, email [email protected] or [email protected]. We are more than happy to help with some things, but NOT ALL’s impossible for our family moving forward

That’s all I got Community. 

President Guy!



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